Things you say

28 Feb

Things you say… They crack me up and I never want to forget them. Lately it’s been…

“no I not spiderman, I’m just a Maddy.”
“I am not tired, I’m just sleepy.”
“Where is grandma Neenas magic chair? You can ride and ride around in that!” “I love you so much when I’m happy in my heart!”
“no mom! It’s not a poop, I just farting.”
“I live in Africa! Yes, Seattle and then in Africa!!”
“I’m sick and have germs in my tummy. I need some m-n-m’s”
“I love you this much about the new world!”
“Eric is my fun around silly guy”


Conversations with Maddy – 4

7 Feb

Not really a conversation with you, just mommy watching you play with your Barbie Castle.


Week 4 Instagram Round-up

5 Feb

2013 Week 4 Instagram 365 Project

Exactly 3 years ago…

4 Feb

Whoa. Please stop growing, Maddy. This seems lightyears away already.

Shot 12


Week 3 Instagram Roundup

3 Feb

2013 Week 3 Instagram 365 Project

Conversations with Maddy – 3

26 Jan

Whining, tired and mopey little bug you were this Thursday…

Conversations with Maddy 2

17 Jan

Oh Boy…you are one silly girl.

Week 2 Instragram Round-Up

15 Jan
2013 Week 2 Instagram 365

2013 Week 2 Instagram 365

“If I’m lyin’ I’m cryin”

12 Jan

Conversations with Maddy January 2013

In this clip she is talking about watching “Mater’s Tall Tales” on nexflix, which she loves – wants to watch it every day all day. “Her favorite saying is from Mater himself, “If I’m lyin’ I’m cryin”. Too cute.
But she lost interest in me towards the end of this clip. Macaroni and cheese is much more important than PRESERVING MEMORIES, MADDY.

Christmas with the Cousins

8 Jan

After your cousins arrived on Christmas Day, (more specifically – after Tylie arrived) we pretty much only saw you for nap and bedtime and the occasional pass through. You held you own and played and ran and laughed and yelled all the days long. Each night you fell into bed exhausted and were asleep in minutes. I loved seeing you guys have such a blast. There was even talk of the 3 of us going to visit the Holts in CA and doing a Disneyland trip. Whoa. You and Tylie would have a blast. I think we will wait on that one for another year.

Anyhow….cheers to Cousins!

Cooking with Grandma B

Cooking with Grandma B

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